Blurring the limit

Blurring the limit

Luca Molinari
13 giugno 2014



Blurring the limit. Housing, public place and the metamorphism of the contemporary city

The traditional notion of living, such us the most common terms such us public and private, inside and outside, physical and im- material, home and city, natural and artificial has been progressively blurred during the second half of the XX century in parallel with a dramatic evolution of the social and demographic condition of the contemporary metropolis.
Main goal of the course will be the analysis of the idea of housing and public place in XX and XXI century relating them as part of the same changing condition. A set of case studies will be used to specify and to deepen the idea of contemporary housing as one of the most challenging and problematic field of research in the contemporary scene.

Course syllabus

  • On limit and void in architecture
  • Representing the limit
  • Living “modern” between 1870 and 1930s
  • Evolution and crises of the public places in the modern city
  • New communities and architecture: team X and the post-war reform of the idea of living
  • Between public and private. Contemporary housing between modernist nostalgia and new researches


Specific bibliography will be given during the lectures.