ILS_ Innovative Learning Spaces Eng.

Massimo Faiferri, Samanta Bartocci, Fabrizio Pusceddu

ISBN 9788899854393

ILS – Innovative Learning Spaces is a Summer School organized by the ecourbanlab research laboratory founded by Massimo Faiferri within the DADU – Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of the University of Sassari, as an activity of the SPIN-APP project; Innovative
Spaces for Learning (Regional Law n.7, Promotion of scientific research and technological innovation in Sardinia), in collaboration with the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics), with the contribution of Sardinia Research as part of the project Scientific School 2015.
The general objective of the Scientific School is the study in the form of a laboratory of an innovative project for learning environments, which can be considered as a reference and model for the new construction or adaptation of school buildings.

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