Architecture as civil passion and creative power

The complexity of the work of architecture and of invention of Odile decq interpreted in a path that weaves the different experiences and makes readable the different moments of the complex personality of the french architect. A path that brings up the knowledge to building architectures capable of interpreting the restlessness and instability of contemporaneity, defining a highly expressive aesthetic that goes beyond the modern, and translating feelings and images in buildings and places to be lived. A constant experimentation, in which the “red and black” are the elements recognizable translated as a civil passion for the job, a constant creative power, an excavation on the form and places, on different contexts, resolved with intuition but at the same time without suffer no rhetoric or influence. Conversely to define the places through architecture. Monograph collects this work to make visible, to understand this complexity and expressive power, separating, but overlaying and outlining in a cross of stories and shapes, spaces and places, the different paths on the project in the different cultural moments and of the change.

ISBN 9788899854119

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