The City We Need: Open for Art

Alghero, Italy, 18-20 February, 2016

The Urban Thinkers Campus “The City We Need: Open for Art” will focus on the relationship between art, public art, city life and urban environment. In accordance with Habitat III goals, it’s overall objective is: “rethinking the Urban Agenda in which governments can respond by promoting a new model of urban development, able to integrate all facets of sustainable development to promote equity, welfare and shared prosperity” (Dr. Joan Clos, Secretary-General of Habitat III). Participants of the Urban Thinkers Campus – UTC, “The City We Need: Open for Art” will have the opportunity to contribute the Habitat III Agenda, by helping to define the critical issues of art, and more specifically public art as one of the most important ingredients of the lives and meanings of the city of tomorrow.


Giovanni Campus
Francesca Arras
Samanta Bartocci
Chiara Bishop
Nadja Beretic
Alessandra Casu
Alessandra Casu Jr.
Enrico Cicalò
Massimo Faiferri
Giovanna Fancello
Roberta Guido
Carlos Jimenez
Jorge Lobos
Miriam Mastinu
Antonello Marotta
Antonello Monsù Scolaro
Vincenzo Pascucci
Alessandro Plaisant
Giangavino Pazzola
Gabriella Restaino
Barbara Silveri
Sabina Selli
Valentina Talu

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